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At Global Contracting Group, safety is our number one priority.

Our employees are properly trained on how to perform all job duties safely and effectively before ever starting a job. All employees are also required to wear the proper PPE before stepping foot on any job sites.

New employees must attend a mandatory 24-hour MSHA safety training provided in house to complete their hiring process. Furthermore, all employees are required to renew their training annually in an 8-hour training session.

Global Contracting safety training course
Celebrating Safety Week

Work conditions and any hazards that may be present are thoroughly discussed in detail with every employee. Weekly meetings are also presented on relevant topics and changes in work conditions. Global considers this to be a number one priority to maintain a safe work environment.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, adhering to company, DOT and MSHA/OSHA safety rules and policies.

Every week is Safety Week.

Certified by Avetta and ISNetworld.

Safety Certified by Avetta and ISNetworld